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SpecialEyes Custom Contact Lens

Creating Reliable Custom Contacts for Crisp, Clear Vision

At SpecialEyes, we believe all patients, even the atypical ones, should be able to wear contacts with optimal fit and visual acuity. As a dedicated eye care specialist, you deserve to know the contacts you prescribe will satisfy your unique patients and give them the crisp, clear vision they seek.

Custom Contacts crisp clear vision

Get Your Patients in Comfortable Contacts That Provide Great Vision

measure for custom lenses



Obtain your patient's measurements and let us design a customized pair of lenses.

evaluate contact lenses



Evaluate the lenses on-eye and collaborate with consultation to fine-tune any adjustments.

order custom lenses



Order an annual supply and know your patient will experience a year of successful contact lens wear.

prescribe custom contact lenses

Why Prescribe SpecialEyes Lenses?

When you choose to prescribe SpecialEyes lenses, you will...

  • Substantially expand your contact lens offerings
  • Ensure even the most difficult-to-fit contact lens patients leave your practice happy and eager to spread the word
  • Increase your revenues
  • Be seen as an expert in your patients' eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?

Online: Complete and submit the SpecialEyes Open an Account form online. Once your request is submitted, a customer service representative will contact you to confirm that your account has been established. You may place your first order at the same time you submit the Create an Account form, or as soon as you receive confirmation that your account is established.

Phone: Call 866-404-1060. A customer service representative will be glad to assist you in opening a new SpecialEyes account and placing your first order.

How do I place an order?

You may place your custom contact lens order by phone, email, or fax:

  • Phone: Call 866-404-1060 to place your order.
  • Email: Submit email orders to seorders@bvimedical.comWe will always provide a return email confirming your order.
  • Fax: Send fax orders to 866-404-1030. (You may use the order form provided in your new account packet or download a fax order form.) We will always provide a return fax confirming your order.

All custom contact lens orders should include: patient name; keratometry (K) readings; manifest Rx; horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID), if available; and lens type. Multifocal contact lens orders should also specify eye dominance, pupil size in ambient or bright light, and add powers.

Practitioners may choose to design custom contact lenses using the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator or Fitting Nomogram available in our Resource Center.


Let our skilled consultants design the lenses for you - just provide the information noted above, and let us do the rest!

How do I order for a new patient?

SpecialEyes offers empirical fitting of custom contact lenses based on patient keratometry (K) readings, manifest Rx, and horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID), if available. Use the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator or Fitting Nomogram to design the initial trial lens. We will ship the trial set of lenses to you within four business days.

Once you evaluate the performance of the trial lens on the eye, you may either order the remaining year’s supply (or other quantity of your choosing), or you may order exchange/remake trial lenses to improve fit and/or vision.

Please call 866-404-1060 or send an email to seconsult@bvimedical.com and our consulting team will be glad to assist you with a reorder or new patient order.

What is the exchange/remake policy?

Within the trial period, SpecialEyes will provide remake or exchange lenses at no lens cost until optimal fit and vision is obtained. The trial period extends 90 days from the original order date or from the most recent remake/exchange order date (if applicable).

What happens if the trial is unsuccessful or the patient cannot adapt to the new lenses?

All custom contact lens orders are covered under the SpecialEyes Guaranteed Fit Program, so there is no risk to you. If the trial is unsuccessful or the patient is unable to adapt to the lenses, we will provide full credit for the trial lens cost. Better yet, you do not need to return those lenses to us.

Simply call us within 90 days of the last remake/exchange lens and let us know if the patient had an unsuccessful trial, did not adapt, or did not show back up for the fitting. We will mark the patient as unsuccessful and apply a credit to your account. It's that easy!

What is the warranty policy for SpecialEyes custom contact lenses?

SpecialEyes provides a full warranty that covers both trial and supply lenses against tears and defects. If a patient tears a lens - whether it occurs during the trial period or within month 12 of a one-year supply - just give us a call at 866-404-1060 and we will replace the torn lens at no lens cost to you.

How long does it take to receive lenses?

SpecialEyes guarantees that your lenses will arrive in office within four business days of the date you place the order.

How do I arrange a consultation?

To reach one of our experienced consultants, simply complete and submit the online Request Consultation form, call 866-822-2020, or send an email to seconsult@bvimedical.com. One of our consultants will be happy to assist you.

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