Student Workshops

Enriching programs and custom toric contact lens education for your students

student programs

SpecialEyes Your Curriculum

Our complimentary programs are designed to educate your students on custom soft contact lenses and provide an opportunity for hands-on experience. This familiarizes students with the process and parameters, so they'll feel comfortable fitting a patient with custom soft contact lenses when the need arises.

Our Programs

presentation - SPE ICON

Program 1:

  • Available on-campus or off-campus
  • Meal provided, if permitted by school
  • Presentation customized to your classroom needs

presentation plus lab updated - SPE ICON

Program 2:
Presentation & Wet Lab

  • Conducted on-campus only
  • Meal provided, if permitted by school
  • Wet lab facilitated by college faculty or by SpecialEyes (your choice)
  • Complimentary custom contact lenses will be provided for wet lab
  • Lab offers students an interactive, hands-on fitting experience

Customized Courses Made Just For You

Create a Course That Works For You

Just as our contact lenses are customizable, so too are our educational programs. Our specialists will partner with your faculty to create a program that augments your current curriculum, at a time and place that's convenient for you.

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