OptiSync® Technology Webinar with OD Wire

Dr. Lampa and Dr. Ramdass Discuss the Science of Offset Multifocal Contact Lens Optics.

OptiSync Technology

Introducing OptiSync Technology

Did you know that a misalignment between the center of the multifocal optics and your patient's visual axis can cause reduced acuity, induced aberrations, and unwanted visual complaints such as glare, shadows, 3-D effects, and halos?

OptiSync Technology allows you to offset or shift the multifocal optics from the center of the lens and target alignment with the patient's visual axis in order to improve their visual experience with soft multifocal contact lenses. Tune in as Dr. Lampa and Dr. Ramdass discuss the factors that lead to a misalignment and the science behind this new technology.

Topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • What are the effects of offset multifocal contact lens optics on objective and subjective vision? 
  • The challenges of traditional multifocal optics 
  • Three ways to identify a misalignment

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